Years of process development and contract lapping and polishing on behalf of customers, has resulted in a range of high-quality, tried and tested consumables for general sale:

 Custom-formulated diamond slurries for specific applications

  • A wide range popular and less common polishing pads
  • Abrasive grains, standard and suspension-treated (Al2O3, SiC, diamond, etc…)
  • Resin-bond diamond pellets

Pads & felts : to suite all the different steps of pre-polishing, polishing to super-polishing


SOMOS supplies a complete range of tools for lapping, fine grinding and polishing, including:

 Lapping plates, plain and grooved

  • Polishing plates
  • Fine grinding plates
  • Reconditioning gears
  • Diamond reconditioning gears
  • Conditioning rings
  • Spherical tooling
  • Carriers