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Lapping, fine grinding, polishing, flat surface, spherical surfaces, parallel surfaces


In response to customer requests and problems, NANOTEC has developed an extensive range of machines for grinding, fine grinding, lapping, polishing and super polishing high-accuracy surfaces.

The NANOTEC catalogue includes:

Double-side machines for fine grinding, lapping and polishing, Ø 320 to 3200mm (12.5” to 10.5’)

Single-side machines (open-face, pneumatic-assist and articulated, oscillating & fixed-arm types) for fine grinding, lapping and polishing, Ø 400 to 2000mm (16” to 6.5 ‘), including equipment to smooth and polish glass.

Automatic and semi-automatic single and double-side manufacturing cells for grinding, fine grinding, lapping and polishing, including intermediate and final loading, unloading, cleaning and gaging operations, with statistical quality control.

All production machines employ the latest technologies in control systems, cycle management, programmable automation and industrial PCs running application-specific software.